Monday, January 19, 2009

The Subtle Knife


Normally when you think of a trilogy it isn't the middle one that stands out; often it is uninspired, a necessary, yet pedantic, transition alone. Back to the Future II, anyone?

But not this time.

Granted, I haven't read Book III yet, but no matter its brilliance it will not detract from the amazing pull of The Subtle Knife. This book introduced the anti-religious themes much more explicitly and complicated the plot ten fold. It raises interesting questions about the nature of consciousness, choice and purpose.

Not only is the story compelling, but the writing is surprising at every turn.  For an example of the florid language you can't beat this quote from page 15:
He discovered that he was still holding the bottle he'd taken from the cafe.  He drank from it, and it tasted like what it was, ice-cold lemonade; and welcome, too, because the night air was hot.

Normally this overwrought style would drive me bonkers- for he could have simply said, He sipped the refreshing lemonade- but in this work I actually enjoy it; it contributes to the fantastic, yet slightly familiar, world in which the story takes place. 

I'm so grateful that Ghenet loaned me all three books at once!  I'm excited to see what happens next...

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