Sunday, January 11, 2009

Glorious Day

Today was a good day. Is a good day. 

I woke up feeling tired, but eager to start. This is not often how I begin my day.  I had a loving man in the bed next to me, quick with a sleepy smile, and somewhere to be.  I went to brunch at the cozy and artfully beautiful home of a dear friend who fed me the most healthful and delicious food and a delightful mimosa, or two.   All present were in the midst of interesting, creative projects and I found myself eagerly listening and becoming more inspired to focus on my own projects. It was refreshing to speak of things outside of ourselves.  I had to leave prematurely for a work meeting that I was dreading, but even that was time well spent. I met with two intelligent and thoughtful people to discuss literature and write curriculum that connected it to the history of America in the 20th century. There was no tension or conflict and the planning flowed effortlessly.  The meeting wrapped up early and I came home for a few hours of solitude. Now I wait for my best friend to arrive for an evening of cathartic television, delivered nachos, and some good old fashioned girl talk.  What a glorious day! I hope to hold on to the feeling of this day to ward off the nefarious gloom that often befalls me in the cold, dreary days of winter. 

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