Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pink and Green

I went to a reading at The New School awhile back where Lisa Greenwald was generously giving out autographed copies of her debut novel My Life in Pink and Green.  I began reading it as part of the research phase for my upcoming collaboration with the artist Rebecca Vicars on a picture book called Oscars Overhauled Overalls that introduces environmental issues to children.  I finished reading Greennwald's novel today and it has left me in such a good mood, eager to work more diligently on my own contribution to the growing body of work out there that can help change the ways that we all think about and address our environmental crises.  

My Life in Pink and Green is the perfect book for the middle school girl who is beginning to think about her identity and value system. Such a confusing time as middle school is, a book like this could certainly offer guidance. At its core it addresses how young people are capable and intelligent and can contribute to bettering the planet, but it's also a perfect presentation of how to be a good friend, how to handle a crush, and, last but not least, how to apply and wear makeup. My mom never taught me how to shave, or wear makeup, or do my hair and for many, many years I felt woefully behind. This book provides basic rules for how to wear makeup so that one doesn't look like a clown and how to use make-up to enhance, not replace, one's sense of self-confidence. It endorses light, natural colors and that they be used to enhance the inherent beauty of the wearer. How many tweens have you seen running around with heavy eyeliner and overly lined lips? Yikes! Thank you Lisa, for helping to stop this environmental problem!

At one point in the book Lucy's best friend's parents decide to donate an expensive massage chair to her burgeoning spa.  I wept.  Actually wept.  I was so moved by the understanding and action of her friends parents; it was such a beautiful reminder that even if it doesn't always feel like it, there are people watching and paying attention to you, and that there are kind, loving, responsible adults out there. 

I look forward to following Lucy and Sunny through the completion of the spa renovations and the transition to high school. I hope Lisa Greenwald is out there typing it up and her publishers are smart enough to make it happen!


  1. I also loved My Life in Pink and Green! I thought it was a lot of fun, informative, and just refreshing. I was excited for Lucy as she executed each of her ideas :o)

    Also, that's awesome that you are doing a picture book collaboration. I hope you plan to bring pages to class this semester!

  2. I hope this is not inappropriate, but I just wanted to say that you are brilliant, and of course you have a blog, and didn't tell me about it. I love you. j.