Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Restaurant Week

The Modern Bar Room
1/26/09  I had a great cocktail. They all sounded interesting. Appetizers were great! We split a thin crust pizza dough with creme fraiche, applewood smoked bacon, and onions and an upside down tuna tarte that was magically good with diced fennel, japanese cucumber & red and white onions, raw tuna, and a sweet sesame cracker. For entrees I decided to be adventurous and in the end wasn't happy with my dish; a cavatelli "carbonara" with pancetta, mushrooms, and escargots. I asked the waitress for a white or sparkling wine to cut the excessive salt in my dish and her reccomendation was affordable and perfect. Dessert was unbelievable wonderful- a pistachio dark chocolate dome and an apple cobbler with prune armagnac ice cream.

5 Ninth
1/25/09  The dining room was warm, inviting, and lovely. Appetizers were fine but the entrees and sides stole the show. I had a skate fish with mushrooms that was light but still seemed decadent. The brussels sprouts were yummy. My citrus dessert was waaaayyyyy too small, and,although good, did not compare to the richer and yet larger chocolate desserts that my friends ordered, a hot chocolate with absinthe marshmallows and a chocolate infused with bourbon pot de creme. All in all the food was simple with earthy flavors, but the tranquility of the dining room heightened the experience.

1/23/09  The food was sublime. Stand outs were the Butternut Squash Soup, Pollack with mashed potatoes, and for dessert some sort of vanilla mousse with cookie crumbles that I can't remember the name of.

City Lobster
1/21/09  Dessert was awful. Entrees were fair. Appetizers were fine. Not at all worth the cost.

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