Monday, August 31, 2009

Contest Winner

A big balloon drop for the winner of the Barry Lyga Boy Toy Contest, Ms. Alex Millard 
and her Pink Socks! 

All of the entries were great fun to read and I really appreciate the courage it took to share your stories. Over the course of this contest it was amazing how many conversations I had with grown folks who turned red remembering awkward, unrequited loves of yesteryear and then paled when asked to write about it.  I guess for my next contest 
I will stick with trivia questions or something! 

Thanks again to everybody who participated! 

Stay tuned for more giveaways...


  1. Yay Alex!!!!

    I'm sorry I didn't enter. I really thought I had to make some sort of video or something. My bad. :(

    Will enter next contest.

  2. I really like that one of the labels is my name, as if there are going to be so many more postings about me. Ego inflated. Thanks Eggplant!