Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love is the Higher Law

Love is the Higher Law
by David Levithan
(5 Scoops)

I cried from page one. Not always because of what was on the page, but for what it evoked. My own memories. The feelings flooding back. Fear. Loss. Love. Need. Every moment flooding back- reminding me of the strange space my mind and body occupied.  Chapter 1 was breathtaking. Stunning. Perfect. And then, wondrously,  Chapter 2 got me to laugh. It was just as powerful as Chapter 1, but in a different voice. A new truth. Equally right and real.  Then Chapter 3 brought me back to the tension. The voice of feeling frozen. But needing to move. 

Throughout Love is The Higher Law David Levithan does an amazing job of creating the truth of that moment and the following days and years, yet it never overwhelms. It is honest but not oppressive. He remembers, amidst the confusion, pain, emptiness, doubt, anger, and sorrow, to point out the good, the kindness, the calm, the helpfulness, the love and desire to protect. 

The book doesn't come out until August 25th but I need you to order it now. Buy it. Read it. (Especially if you're scared of it.) Share it with everyone you know. If you were here it will help you clarify- even if you think you need no helping. And if you were not here it will educate you, not just about a moment in time but about people in all moments in time. 

No matter where you were in September of 2001, this book will inspire you to love those you love just a little bit clearer and to appreciate beauty where you can find it, like in one of the many glorious sentences that pepper this book.

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