Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wishful Drinking- Script

Wishful Drinking
by Carrie Fisher
(3 Scoops)
So, I didn't read the Memoir, but I did read the script of the one woman show derived from it. This Fall Carrie Fisher will be performing her show at the Roundabout Theatre Company and I will most likely be responsible for leading audiences through a Pre Show Theatre Talk. I was never a huge Star Wars fan, even though I am the right demographic, and I am woefully inept at remembering stars names or the projects on which they've worked, so I am quite nervous about having to give a lecture to audiences that will most likely be much older and Hollywood-savvier than I.  I guess I should make a "use the force joke" here, but that is too lame even for me. 

The script was funny and actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times. And there were even some poignant and profound moments. But overall, it lacked a... a something. It didn't have a strong narrative thrust. It didn't have a powerful climax.  It seemed to pander, what with the audience participation and all. It was funny but not pure comedy. It was poignant without really taking me anywhere raw, new or scary. It was what it was.

I'm sure if I saw the show I would have a stronger reaction, but positive or negative is hard to say. Right now I feel like I will keep the one or two sentences that I underlined and forget everything else.  I wonder how well that will go over in my lecture...


  1. How are you in the right democraphic for being a Star Wars fan?

  2. Since my sister was six years older than me, I was surrounded by things that were cool for her but that I remember as mine. We had the Star Wars Burger King glasses, action figures, and I had some R2D2 Jammies that were awesome. I remember in 1983, when I was all of 5 years old, getting bundled up in the back of the car to go watch The Empire Strikes Back at the Drive-In...