Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Fade to Blue
by Sean Beaudoin
Now this is one cracked out read!

Let's start with the cover. So goth. So cool. Reading it on the train certainly broadcasts a certain don't sit next to me unless you're as cool as I am kinda vibe. Or at least it would if you were a Hot Topic shopping teenage girl looking for a black nail polish sportin' boy. And then that super stylized strip of comics on the side. Dizzying. Just like what's inside. The narrative is fragmented. Time and space are distorted. Characters question what is real. For a teenage-person who is just becoming a grownup-person this book might inspire some metaphysical inquiry. 

14 year old me would have been super stoked to stumble upon this book. Present day me...not so much.  But just look at the girl on the cover. She doesn't trust anyone over thirty anyways. 


  1. Well, it's tricky. 14 year old me would probably say 5 scoops. But nowadays me would have to go with 2.5 scoops. So if I split the difference I guess it is 3.75 scoops!