Friday, May 7, 2010

Lights up on Washington Heights!

Those of you who know me know that I am always complaining about my apartment- it's loud and dark, the sink clogs, the boiler always needs repairs, and a couple weeks ago the ceiling opened up and a hot, steamy, bleachy waterfall poured through from the upstairs neighbor's washing machine- but what you might not know is that, despite my apartment agita, sometimes I really do love this hood. Like today. I left the house looking for a cup of coffee and a place to read my new book and wound up shopping up a storm! I spent less than $40 dollars and made out like a bandit! No wonder my closets can barely contain all of my crap. Here's the breakdown:

1 fedora ($1)
1 NY Giants t-shirt ($4)
1 fabulous swing coat ($12)
1 pair pink sneakers ($5)
1 pair of rock n roll print sneakers ($5)
1 pair gray and white canvas flats ($4)
1 black maxi dress ($10)


  1. Whoa!

    BTW, have you seen IN THE HEIGHTS? I just found out that this guy I did a show with in college was just cast as Usnavi (the lead role) for the national tour! It's his big broadway break, so I thought that was cool and inspiring.

  2. Yeah it was a good shopping day. But of course, the fedora is yellow and gray so I had to go online and buy a yellow blazer at to match! $27 later....

    I really enjoyed In The Heights. I'm always a sucker for big dance numbers!

  3. ...up at the break of day,
    I wake up and I got this little punk I gotta chase away!
    Pop the grate at the crack of dawn, sing
    While I wipe down the awning
    Hey ya'll good morning



  4. ...I thought you didn't like it that much!? Remember? and i had a small heart attack and was like 'how could you not!?!?'

    - Mia

  5. I still think it was totally melodramatic and a bit cloying- but I was entertained by the singing and dancing. I was under the impression it had a more serious/realistic story, like a Spring Awakening or Rent with all the dark undertones to balance out the lightness of a musical. If In The Heights attempted to portray a gritty, urban experience, it failed; but if it was just a night of Broadway spectacle, well then it succeeded.