Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't Judge a Book...

Yes, we all know how that adage ends... but come on,
who hasn't grabbed a book off the shelf because of the cover?
Something about it entices you- perhaps it is a color, a font, a texture, an image, the title, an author's name- so you look at the front, decide if you want to read the back, read the back, then decide if you want to invest your time and energy reading the contents of the book. Happens all the time. But as far as I can remember
I have never read a book strictly because of the cover.
Until now.
Meet exit here.
This is the book I bought yesterday based solely on the design.
I haven't read it yet.
I hardly want to open it for fear of cracking the spine.
It is gorgeous.

* I've been looking at this post for a few days now and I gotta tell you the cover just doesn't look good online. In person it is stunning. The matte finish, the white edging, the muted colors, the precisely placed text- it is really sophisticated and evocative. You'll just have to trust me...or go to a bookstore and find it yourself. It will look like something pulled from a Chelsea gallery sitting amongst hundreds of children's Paint by Numbers.

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  1. huh. interesting. let me know what you think!