Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wishful Drinking in the Snow

Earlier this year I reviewed the script of Wishful Drinking. Last night, in the middle of a snowstorm, I had the opportunity to actually see her one woman show.

The house was only about a quarter full, but all seemed ready to have a good night, Carrie Fisher included.

I think she delivered a tremendous performance. I was impressed by her ability, through the script and her stage presence, to completely control the audience. Seriously, she brought people from laughter to heartbreak exactly when and how she set out to. It was masterfully done and a pleasure to experience.

Since I had read the script before, some of the jokes fell flat, but I still found myself laughing heartily many a time. Audience participation however stresses me out to no end. I am too anxious for such things. I have little faith in humanity and therefore always expect things to go tragically wrong. They didn't. But it was still awkward.

Cynthia NIxon was in the house. That was fun.

I really found the moment where she talks about her daughter's ability to laugh, despite all madness, as the key to her salvation quite moving.

So, all in all, I'd say well worth the frostbite.

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