Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10 Little Things That Make Me Happier Than They Should

1. Parsley
2. Bright nail polish
3. Free refills
4. Having exact change
5. Chocolate dipped vanilla soft serve cones
6. A new pen
7. Compliments on my jewelry
8. Hand knit blankets
9. Comedians that actually make me laugh out loud
10. Non-lascivious smiles on the train


  1. Thanks dude. Maybe one day I can combine them all into some sort of magical evening.

  2. In my serving-tables-life and in my non-serving-tables-real-life I love having exact change and new pens (new pens!). However, as a current waiter at the Olive Garden where we have the Never Ending Pasta Bowl I am temporarily hating free refills. But in my non-serving-tables-real-life I love free refills!


  3. I try to always tip as if I had paid for each refill- especially if it means I am sitting at the table for a long time. And of course I never linger at a table if there is a wait for a table. I waited tables too- I think everybody should have to do it at least once in their life so that they know how to be kind to their servers! :)