Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mexican Whiteboy

Ok. Here's a good story. I went to a reading and saw a man who I thought was just the cutest thing I ever done seen.  Tall, dark, and handsome.  And then he spoke; and, surprisingly, he got even cuter. He had a California accent. Pitter Patter went my heart. 
I was in love.

But the reading starts, and he is introduced as the author of 
Ball Don't Lie...

What? No! Can you hear my heart breaking? 
I had major beef with that book. I couldn't get through the first few pages. I tried several times. I mean, I had been given a free copy! And now, I find out that the love of my life wrote this mess. Tragic. This means we can't be together! Because, hey, you have to respect your partner's work, right? I mean, we are talking about a serious, emotionally mature realtionship here...who cares that I haven't actually introduced myself to him yet!  So, there I am, heartbroken in the third row. But fret not, dear reader, harmony was restored. 
He read the first chapter of Mexican Whiteboy...

...and not only were we back in love, we were back with visions of a beach wedding.

See, dear reader, this book sounded like home.  It spoke to me and about me and for me in a way that I hadn't encountered in a book in a very long time. Maybe ever. And damn he was cute.

 So, of course I bought it and stayed up all night reading it. And, yes, rest assured, our love is secure. It is a beautiful book. A well written, engaging, funny, suspenseful, thought provoking, and heartfelt book. Absolutely 5 Scoops.


  1. You are adorable. I do the same thing with my crushes. if they do wrong I have to find something that was done right and then all is well in the world.

    Keep the dream alive.

    Mia (should i keep signing this? i mean. you know its me, right?)

  2. I know it's you, girl. And I love that you read and comment. You rock!

  3. Teehee :o) I'll definitely have to read this one over the summer!

    Oh, and sorry again that I missed out on pizza last night!

  4. No problem, hot mama! You'll just have to join us next time :)