Wednesday, March 11, 2009


If you promise to still love me in the morning, I will tell you how I spent my night...

I watched The Clique. On DVD.  And, yes, that means I'd actually planned to do this. 

Why, you ask? Why would I do such a thing? I, who has purposefully avoided reading or seeing anything Harry Potter or Twilight or Gossip Girl or The Hills or Hannah Montana related? Why would I sully my good-taste name? Well, I was curious. That's why.

And, surprisingly, the movie didn't totally suck.  There were a few scenes that bordered on parody, but overall it seemed to want to be a heartwarming story about how being yourself is the best way to make real friendships. 

The actor who was playing the role of "hot guy" was so NOT HOT. I don't care how old I am, there is a difference between a hot 14 year old boy and a not hot 14 year old boy, and this kid was clearly NOT HOT! 

The actress playing Claire deserves to be drop kicked down a flight of stairs for such a bad performance, but the other four, particularly the actress playing Massie, were quite good. Massie was as snarky as I hoped she would be, but she also did a good job of capturing the conflicted, insecure girl underneath. Claire, on the other hand, had one, maybe two, facial expressions throughout the whole movie; deer in headlights and smiling like a vapid idiot. Thank God for the editor who found a way to cut quickly to another angle to spare the viewer from having to see her for too long, but it really took away from the emotional impact. 

Another major flaw was the ending which the screenwriter butchered.  The end is where you are supposed to see the real humanity of both Massie and Claire, but this ending was just awkward. 


  1. I must confess that I wanted to add that to my Netflix Q, but feared that there then would be a record of it. so i didn't. lumped Harry with Gossip Girl? for shame!


  2. I agree, there's just no reason to put Harry Potter in the same group as any of that horrendous claptrap. For shame.