Friday, February 27, 2009

words, words words

I sat down at 5:35 today and wrote my little heart out. About an hour later I was feeling very proud of myself and the abundance of words I had written. To validate my own productivity I decided to scroll up to the tools bar and do a word count. BAD IDEA! 660 words. Sheesh. I had exhausted myself and this was all I had to show for it. Bah!

So, I pushed through my tired and stayed at the computer for another hour, determined to prove myself productive. This second hour flew by and when it was done I realized I was no longer drained, but felt something closer to elated. I had a whole chapter. And not just some crappy throw away, but an actual chapter that solves an interesting problem in my novel.  I didn't need the word count to prove anything I was feeling so secure in what I had created. But, I reckon this wouldn't be a very good anecdote if I didn't tell you how it all turned out, so here goes: 1772 words. And trust me, I was more shocked than anybody. Who knew? 

I've always known starting was the hardest part, the ability to work through my doubt and distractions to finally get something on the screen. But, today I've finally come to understand on a deep level that this first part has to be hard, because it is the warm up, and that if I continue writing through it, and encourage myself to keep going even when I think I am wiped out, good things will happen. 

Yay me. Balloon drop, please.