Friday, February 6, 2009

I Heart my Mom

My mom is adorable. And funny. And she thinks I'm funny. Always has. Bless her heart.

I told her I won the joke contest at SCBWI and she was so proud. (Although she did, well, chortle, when I told her the prize was, what she considered a measly, gift certificate) She laughed at all of my entries, even the inappropriate ones, but was most humored by this one: Today on Oprah, Humpty Dumpty- I did it for the crack.

So, today I received in the mail a greeting card with a picture of a sheep standing next to a boulder. The inside read, "Ewe rock- congratulations." Above this my mom had written "Dear Elizabeth," and below, "Love mom." She also included a Bizarro cartoon, cut out of the local paper: A picture of Humpty Dumpty wearing a helmet, strapped in a make-shift, wall-sitting safety seat; the caption reads, "Today's Humpty Dumpty."

My mommy loves me. 

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