Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Month Off

Greetings and salutations.

It has been one dramatic month for little old me. I finished my thesis, graduated from the New School, hosted my 9 year old niece on her first visit to NYC, went to a beautiful wedding for one of my oldest and dearest friends in Carmel-By-The Sea, and celebrated my mother's birthday with a day at the beach. While I was relaxing in the Bay Area I attended my niece's fourth grade poetry reading, my nephew's fifth grade graduation ceremony, and a fabulous fundraiser for The Retro Dome. There was also quite a bit of time spent laying on the hammock in the backyard, picking lemons form my mom's tree, and generally enjoying the California sun. I also enjoyed driving to the Safeway for groceries- compared to the overpriced disgustingness that is your average NYC grocery store, Safeway is like paradise And you don't have to carry your groceries home! I swear, fulfilling your basic human needs in this town is so freaking difficult.

But, alas, I am back in NYC in my tiny, humid concrete box of a home.

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  1. Not really a 'happy' ending, now is it?