Friday, May 22, 2009


There are three books I've read recently that I keep meaning to review in depth.... Shiver, After Tupac and D Foster (Thank you Allary!), and The Vast Fields of Ordinary. But, since my time management skills have slipped into some sort of coma, you will have to settle for this:

The Vast Fields of Ordinary
by Nick Burd
5 Scoops

(Seriously, I feel like he wrote this just for me. This book is amazing. Top Ten. You'll love it. I promise. And you'll probably feel like he wrote it just for you too. But don't worry, I'll still like you if you don't. This book is gorgeous. The perfect combination of funny, sincere, and angry. It's about loneliness.  And about not being able to fully express the complexity and truth of our emotional lives while we are living them. Or being able to and choosing not to. So, buy this book. Support this guy. I want him to write some more books for me.)

by Maggie Stiefvater
4 Scoops

(I'm not usually a fan of fantasy, but this book was a good read. It was well written, although there were too many butterfly references. I kept hoping the werewolf thing was a metaphor for something profoundly grand, but I think it's just a book about werewolves; feeling conflicted within yourself, searching for your true identity, wanting to fit in with people who genuinely understand you, of course that's all in there, but really just a love story between a girl and a werewolf. I can't say I liked the last chapter- but I wont tell you any more about that. Read it and then we'll talk.)

After Tupac and D Foster
by Jacqueline Woodson
3 scoops

(Enough with the overly lyrical inner monologue and the forced ghettronic dialogue. I do love me some Tupac though...)


  1. cool! more books to add to my library!


  2. I just met Nick! he's adorable! and got a free copy of Shiver! WOOT!

  3. Can I borrow The Vast Fields of Ordinary? Pretty please?

  4. Ok. i finished reading Shiver...I must say I found it kinda ordinary. I don't know maybe its b/c i do read this genre a lot that I need more to be impressed. it was a sweet book, i'd give it 3 stars out of 5. who knows, girls might devour it. god knows i didn't understand Twilight either.

  5. brokeassproduc- kinda ordinary is nowhere near as good as Vast Fields of Ordinary. Ha! I crack myself up!